CRC Properties Configuration

The file contains a number of properties that need to be modified to reflect your environment. Some of these properties are used during the installation of the CRC cell while others define how the CRC will function once it is installed. For the purpose of this document we have grouped them into two categories; (1) Required Environment Properties and (2) Optional Performance Properties.

Open file

The following steps outline how to open the file. This file will remain open as you move through the next few sections editing all the required properties.

1. At the command prompt type the following:

open YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR/edu.harvard.i2b2.crc/etc/spring/



Linux Command:  open /opt/i2b2/edu.harvard.i2b2.crc/etc/spring/

Windows Command:  C:\opt\i2b2\edu.harvard.i2b2.crc\etc\spring\

2. The file will open.

3. Once the file opens proceed to the next section titled Required Environment Properties / Project Management Cell Properties.