Step 4: CRC Loader properties: Configure FR cell properties

In order for the CRC loader to communicate with the File Repository (FR) Cell the following properties need to be modified to reflect you environment.

If you have been installing the cells in the order they are written in the guide then you most likely have not installed the File Repository (FR) cell yet. Even though you have not installed it you can proceed with setting up the properties for it.

Typically the location of the FR cell is going to be the same as your other cells (ONT, CRC, WORK). If you do not know the location and would prefer to set these properties after you install the FR cell then you will need to remember to come back to this step.

1. At the command prompt type the following:

open YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR/edu.harvard.i2b2.crc/etc/spring/



Linux Command:  open /opt/i2b2/edu.harvard.i2b2.crc/etc/spring/

Windows Command:  C:\opt\i2b2\edu.harvard.i2b2.crc\etc\spring\

2. The file will open.

3. Scroll to the section called File Management Cell.

4. Edit the property to reflect the location of the FR cell in your environment.

When you edit the property with the location of your FR Cell it is extremely important that you only edit the hostname (localhost) and the port (9090). The remainder of the URL is required as it is written and should not be changed.

5. Save the changes but do not close the file. You will editing the file again during this installation.