Apache Axis 2 Requirements

This section is applicable only if you are  building the i2b2Server from the  source code files. If you are installing from Binary distribution, i2b2.war file is precompiled and  available under wildfly-17.0.1.Final\standalone\deployments folder after extraction.

The Apache Axis2 is a Web Services / SOAP / WSDL engine used by the i2b2 web services.

Required Version: Apache Axis2 1.7.1

Download from Website: i2b2 Supported Software - Apache Axis2

Operating System

File Name

Linux and Windows


The version of Apache Axis2 that has been tested and verified to work with the i2b2 software is available for download from the i2b2 Website. This has been setup as an automatic download and can only be accessed by clicking on the link shown above or the one listed in step 1.

If you are not downloading the zip file from the i2b2 site it is important to note there are several different types of distributions, it is important that you download the WAR (Web Archive) distribution.

Axis2 Installation Steps

The steps for setting up Axis2 can be a little cumbersome in that it involves a lot of extracting and renaming of files. In order to deploy i2b2.war correctly it is recommended that you follow each step as it is written and pay close attention to which file and folder you are working in.

1. Download the WAR distribution for Apache Axis 2 by clicking on Begin Download

2. Locate the file (axis2-1.7.1-war.zip) you just downloaded.

3. Extract all the items in the zip file into a directory of your choice.

Linux Example:  /opt/axis2-1.7.1-war

Windows Example:  C:\opt\axis2-1.7.1-war

4. Go to your Wildfly deployments folder (YOUR_WILDFLY_HOME_DIR\standalone\deployments)

5. Create a folder called i2b2.war

6. Create an empty text file called i2b2.war.dodeploy

7. Locate the axis2-1.7.1-war.zip file you downloaded

8. Extract only the file called axis2.war to your Wildfly deployments folder

9. Once the file is extracted rename the axis2.war file to axis2.zip.

10. Extract all the files in axis2.zip to the i2b2.war folder you created in the first step (YOUR_WILDFLY_HOME_DIR\standalone\deployments\i2b2.war)

11. Delete the zip file (axis2.zip).

12. i2b2.war will be deployed the next time you start Wildfly.