In this chapter we will be reviewing the following requirements and providing the steps to install and configure additional software needed to support i2b2.

1. Database Requirements

  • Reviews the Database Management Systems supported by the i2b2 and any other requirements

2. Browser Requirements

  • Web browsers supported by the i2b2.

3. i2b2 Server Requirements

  • Outlines the required software from 3rd party vendors.
  • Installation steps for installing the 3rd party software on your i2b2 Server.
  • Recommended configuration settings for the 3rd party software.

4. i2b2 Web Server Requirements

  • Outlines the software that has to be installed on the Web Server that will host your i2b2 Administration Module and Web Client.
  • Steps for installing the required software on either a Linux or Windows Server.

5. i2b2 Software

  • Accessing and downloading the required i2b2 software.