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Release 1.7.12 is in development at the moment. Below are the features planned for this release. This is an evolving document and will change as the release develops. 

Beta 1 - Release August 1, 2019 - Location of WAR, VMWare and Source code

Beta 2 - Release August 15, 2019

DataACT OntologyBeta 1 - In the Release_1-7/NewInstall/Metadata/ file change the db.project from demo to act. Than ran the ant script against

create_metadata_tables_release_1-7 and db_metadata_load_data

CoreEasier Install

Beta 1 -

  1. If using the prebuilt WAR file: Copy the .war file into a wildfly 14 or 16 instance in the /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder.
  2. If making WAR file: Run in the edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common folder

    ant clean dist war

    Copy the i2b2.war from the dist folder to /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder.
  3. Run the data build for all the cell (PM, HIVE, ONT and CRC) . In the Hive there is a new table called HIVE_CELL_PARAM which contains all the previous XML and properties file.
  4. Modify the *-ds.xml in the deployment folder to point to the database

CoreMore authentication protocol support (okta, NTLM v2)

Beta 1 - Support for NTLM2 is supported. Instead of using authentication_method - NTML use NTML2

Beta 2 - Support for OKTA

DataTotalnum scriptsBeta 1 - In the Release_1-7/NewInstall/Metadata/ ran the ant script

ant -f data_build.xml create_metadata_tables_release_1-7 - This will create the stored procedures

  • POSTGRESQL : ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_run_total_count_postgresql
  • ORACLE : ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_run_total_count_oracle
  • SQL SERVER : ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_run_total_count_sqlserver

Webclient & CoreEnhanced Find TermsBeta 2 - Find terms gives a sense of the hierarchy, and terms that are children of other search results are not returned.

WebclientImproved Maximized Left PaneBeta 1 - In maximized mode, the left pane now makes all tabs accessible.

WebclientLarger Query Result Panel

CoreBugfixes and refactoring


Beta 2 - 

1) Project Params (PM_PROJECT_PARAM)

REDCP_TOKEN (7B42348B7C51123432048B51EAA)


Get the API Key from Redcap.  Logon to Redcap on the right side under applications click API.   Than select Generate token, and use this token for the value for the key.



This is the name of the Data Collection Instruments to associate this project with, in this example it is set to the 'Profile'


Optional, Defaults to Y
Y - Every time a form is submitted the i2b2 metadata ontology get regenerated

N - Do Not regenerate the metadata ontology.   

NOTE:  When first setting up the i2b2/redcap this needs to be set to Y at least one or the ontology will not be created.


Optional, Defaults to \REDCAP\
What the root ontology is


Optional, Defaults to tree
How the ontology will be created

tree - All enumerated values, Yes/No will be children on the ontology

popup - All enumerated values, Yes/No will displayed on a popup value when dragged to the query panel

The only exception is items with checkbox, which will always be a popup

If this redcap form has the identified value set to true, than this ontology will be protected and only users with the following i2b2 access role will be able to access it.

2) On the redcap side, set the Data Entry Trigger, it is under Project Setup → in Enable optional modules and customizations, select Additional customizations → Data Entry Trigger, and enter:

http://{i2b2 url}/i2b2/services/QueryToolService/redcapPush

Click Test to verify connection

3) Submit a form and check to see if the ontology was created.

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