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Release 1.7.12 is in development and will be released in November 2019. Below are the features planned for this release. 

Highlight of Features

Backend Features

  • Easier Install
    • One step WAR-file build and optional prebuilt WAR file
    • Properties files moved to database
  • Authentication protocol support for OKTA, NTLM v2 
  • Database scripts to generate Totalnum counts for Ontology Terms for POSTGRESQL, ORACLE and SQL SERVER databases
  • REDCap data import into i2b2, with ontology creation from REDCap forms
  • Documentation updates for Apache Webserver timeout settings for previous queries run 

Frontend Features

Redesigned Find Terms By Name

  • Find terms shows the terms' contextual hierarchy, and terms that are children of other search results are not returned. Shown here: 1.7.11 (left) vs. 1.7.12 (right)
  • Right-clicking on a term and then "Find Term in Tree" shows the entire hierarchy around the selected term.

New Webclient Documentation

  • Included in the client and also on the Webclient Community Wiki page.

  • Featuring:
    • 3-minute screencast tutorial
    • Better overviews and guideposts
    • More task-oriented teaching

Improved view of Left Pane in maximized mode

  • In maximized mode, the left pane now makes all tabs accessible.

Larger Query Results Panel view after Query run

When a query with breakdowns has finished, the results panel temporarily expands slightly to accommodate the breakdown graphs display.

Community-Contributed Features



ACT Ontology

ACT Technology and Data Harmonization Team

University of Pittsburgh

Easier-to-read counts

Nick Brown and Griffin Weber

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Extended query-by-value flags

Robert Bradford

University of North Carolina

Totalnum in find terms

Mauro Bucalo

University of Pavia

Visual Design of new Find Terms

Leaf Team

University of Washington

Totalnum Counter for Postgres

Dan Vianello

Center for Biomedical Informatics, Washington University in St. Louis

(Part of overall totalnum scripts in this release.)
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