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Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside

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i2b2 Cell Messaging
Workflow Framework
(WORK) Cell

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Table of Contents

Document Management
1. Introduction
1.1. The i2b2 Hive
1.2. i2b2 Messaging Overview
1.2.1. Message Header
1.2.2. Request Header
1.2.3. Response Header
1.2.4. Message Body
1.3. i2b2 XML Schema Definitions
1.3.1. i2b2.xsd
1.3.2. i2b2_request.xsd
1.3.3. i2b2_response.xsd
2. Workflow Framework (WORK) Cell Messaging Detail
2.1. Use Case
2.1.1. Operations
2.2. Messages
2.2.1. get_folder_by_userid Get a List of Folders Associated with a User GET_folder_by_userid Request Message GET_folder_by_userid Response Message
2.2.2. get_folder_by_project Get a List of Folders Associated with a Project GET_folder_by_project Request Message GET_folder_by_userid Response Message
2.2.3. get_children Populating Children of Tree Nodes get_children Request Message get_children Response Message
2.2.4. rename_child Rename a Node in the Tree rename_child Request Message rename_child Response Message
2.2.5. delete_child Delete a Node in the Tree delete_child Request Message delete_child Response Message
2.2.6. add_child Add a Node in the Tree add_child Request Message add_child Response Message
2.2.7. annotate_child Annotate a Node in the Tree annotate_child Request Message annotate_child Response Message
2.2.8. move_child Move a Folder in the Tree move_child Request Message move_child Response Message
2.2.9. export_child Exporting Child in the Tree export_child Request Message export_child Response Message
3. Work Cell XML Schema Definitions
3.1. WORK.xsd
3.2. WORK_QRY.xsd
3.3. WORK_RESP.xsd
4. Glossary
4.1. Message Tags & Attribute Definitions
4.1.1. WORK_QRY.xsd
4.1.2. WORK_QRY.xsd