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titleThe plugins need a folder to create and write files toPurpose

The Patient Set Viewer and other ACT software requires a working directory. Here the software creates and updates files for background jobs, caching, and other tasks. The software needs create and write access to this working directory.

Make sure you have an entry in

In the ACT_config.php file, we have provided a default location for your working

  • Create this path on your web server
  • Give write permission to the web server for this directory
    For example, on your DEV server  chmod 777

    directory. It is: /opt/viewer_jobs. You have to provide the correct access by running the chmod command as shown.

    Code Block
    titleCreate working directory
    mkdir /opt/viewer_jobs
    chmod -R a+w /opt/viewer_jobs


    titleNO HTTP(S) accessNot publicly accessible

    Make sure web (HTTP) access is not allowed to this directory