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About the WISE Web Client Plugins

The i2b2 web client contains panels for its user to issue queries through its handy drag-and-drop graphic user-interface (GUI). Users can also drag and drop any queries they created into the "SHARED" folder of the Workplace panel, to share them with other researchers.


UMMS presented these WISE plugins at the CTSA (Clinical & Translational Science Awards) 2011 Informatics Annual Meeting, October 12-13, 2011. This was the handout we provided during that presentation.


These WISE (Workplace Items Sharing Enhancement) web client plugins can be downloaded from the MICARD (Massachusetts Integrated Clinical and Academic Research Database) Download page of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

About Us

These plugins are developed & released by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester (S. Wayne Chan, Rajani Sadasivam, Thomas Houston, & the rest of the BMI-Core), to be shared with the rest of the i2b2 community that may also find them useful in their institutions.