SCILHS PCORnet Common Data Model Ontology
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SCILHS i2b2 PCORnet Common Data Model Ontology


By conforming to this ontology, SCILHS sites can query across the network with an interoperable data model using SHRINE, and we provide a script to programmatically generate data marts in the PCORnet data model format. This will enable detailed analysis through the PCORnet Distributed Research Network (DRN). Likewise, if PCORNet Queries were rewritten to run against the i2b2 schema, they could run reliably at every site using the PCORNet CDM i2b2 ontology.


The ontology is live at Change the username to pcori, leave the password as demouser, and click 'Login'. The existing demo data has been mapped to the PCORI ontology, so most queries involving demographics, diagnoses, procedures, and enrollment will work. This did not require any changes to the demo data, only to the information model (ontology). Adding new demo data for the remaining sections of the ontology is on our roadmap.