i2b2-based Registries
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  1. View/Edit EHR data: Specific EHR fields are identified, mapped to i2b2, and displayed in either a read only, or editable format. Any changes are tracked through an audit trail and users are alerted through a color coding system if a new/different value is available to pull from the EHR.
  2. Perform Data Entry: Through the use of forms users can add additional data to the i2b2 database.
  3. Run Pre-defined Reports: Numerous pre-defined reports have been developed for users to run as needed.     

View/Edit EHR Data: Patient Information            Information


 View/Edit EHR Data: Clinical Information      

Perform Data Entry: Clinical Information


Run Pre-defined Reports:


Example Report: Liver Age at Transplant Report

More information can be found on the CCHMC i2b2 project site: http://i2b2.cchmc.org.