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Developer Notes

Below is a Excel spreadsheet which has a list of bug and enhancements.  The following is a proposed procedure:

1) Select a bug in the list

2) Log into jira.i2b2.org and create a bug for that item and assign it to yourself

3) Process your update via JIRA

4) Once done update JIRA

Janice or Mike will be updated on the status and will update the excel spreadsheet and upload a new copy hereThe bugs and enhancements for the i2b2 Web Client can be found in spreadsheet attached to the bottom of this page. We welcome you to take a look and see if there is anything that you would like to work on fixing or developing. In order to prevent confusion and duplication of efforts across institutions we would like to outline the following procedure.

1. Review the current spreadsheet (attached below).

2. Select an item you want to work on.

3. Log into JIRA which is located on the i2b2 website.

4. Enter an issue for the bug you are going to fix.

5. Assign the issue to yourself.

6. Keep JIRA updated throughout the development process.

7. Once you are finished the final step is to update the issue in JIRA.

The i2b2 team is automatically updated on the status of the issue and will be responsible for updating the excel spreadsheet attached to this page.