CARE - Cohort Analysis & Refinement Expeditors
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  1. Navigate to the "Specify Data" tab. Drag and drop a Patient Set and one or more concepts (ontology terms) onto the appropriate input boxes:#*
    • Enter appropriate values in the 'Starting Patient' and 'Number of Patients' fields that are then presented, to specify the subset of the patient set to use. Also specify at the 'Query Subgroup Size' field the size of smaller queries of subgroups of patients to be used iteratively, to facilitate reducing the risks of overwhelming the server (i2b2 hive).
    • Click on the corresponding 'HELP' hotlinks next to the 'Starting Patient' and 'Number of Patients' fields, and the'HELP' hotlink next to the 'Query Subgroup Size' field, for detailed information; and enter corresponding appropriate values.
    • Click on the corresponding 'HINT' hotlink below the 'Concepts' field for hint or suggestion for selecting concepts.
  2. Finally, select the "View Results" tab to wait for and view the generated demographic histograms.


  • Since it is possible for the server (i2b2 hive) to take a long time to provide all the data requested, this plugin provides occasional updates of 'Elapsed time' and 'estimated remaining run time', etc. displays while the data are being fetched. These displayed values are at best rough estimates based on occasional data coming back from the server. In the case of zero 'Query Subgroup Size' selected (i.e. no query-subgrouping), then there would be no data coming back from the server until either of the following situations:** The whole, single, query is done.** The server itself started paging (i.e. query-subgrouping), and the result of the 1st of such paged subqueries just arrived.
    • The server got overwhelmed by all the excessive data and failed, returning an 'error'.