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Annual i2b2 AUG / SHRINE Community Conference

The annual i2b2 Academic User Group (AUG) and Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE) meeting was held June 21, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. The meeting enables provides the opportunity for i2b2 and SHRINE users to come together to , network with other i2b2 users, and speak to many of their colleagues about their current and future endeavors with the i2b2. It also provides an opportunity for users to hear from the i2b2 Members of the i2b2 community are presented with the on-going development being done by the i2b2 and SHRINE development teams on key features that are available or being developed at this time..

This year the overlying theme of many of the presentations was using i2b2 and SHRINE for analyzing Phenotypic data. 


titleThank You


(thumbs up) We would like to (thumbs up) The i2b2 Foundation would like to thank all of our presenters as well as all of you that were able to attend and make this another successful Community Conference. We would also like extend a special thank you to TriNetX for sponsoring this years i2b2 AUG / SHRINE Community Conference. To find out more information about TriNetX you can visit their website at:


 Throughout the day attendees had the opportunity to hear about many great topics, such as using i2b2 to determine

Agenda for the 2016 i2b2 AUG / SHRINE Community Conference

June 21, 2016 Rotunda, 3rd Floor
The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston



8:30 am
Breakfast & Registration
9:00 amWelcome; Isaac Kohane
9:15 amReview of current state; Shawn Murphy
9:30 am

Session 1: Open discussion regarding the i2b2 Foundation and Community Improvements


        • Shawn Murphy
        • Diane Keogh
        • Janice Donahoe


10:15 amBREAK
10:30 am


Session 2: The use of i2b2 for determining feasibility of clinical studies and

trials, obtaining computed phenotypes, and using learned algorithms for directing phenotyping workflow. Shawn Murphy and others also discussed using the i2b2 as the foundation for developing distributed computing among specialized hives that are linked together in a distributed network.


The morning sessions revolved around the new i2b2 Foundation, community improvements, and using the i2b2 & SHRINE to determine the feasibility of clinical studies and trials. During lunch our sponsor, TriNetX presented information on using public / private network for accelerating clinical trials. The afternoon sessions were focused on using i2b2 for your phenotypic data and ongoing development around distributed computing; specialized i2b2 hives are .



        • Paul Avillach




        • Griffin Weber
        • Christopher Herrick, Mike Mendis, Lori Phillips
        • Shawn Murphy


3:45 pmBREAK
4:00 pmOpen discussion: the future state of i2b2
3:45 pmReception; 2nd floor, Lounge area