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After reading this documentation, please go to the Upgrade Notes page the Quick Upgrade Guide for the details about upgrading your i2b2 software. If you are installing from scratch, additionally refer to the refer instead to the Quick Install Guide (and optionally the full i2b2 Installation Guide on the i2b2 Community Wiki. The install guide will take you through the entire installation process. ).

i2b2 Release 1.7.12

Release Date: January December, 20202019

Table of Contents

Highlight of Features

Backend Features



Easier i2b2 Install

The i2b2 server can now be installed in three or four steps:

  1. (Optional) Build the war from source. Run in the edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common folder:
          ant clean dist war
  2. Copy the i2b2.war from the dist folder (or the binary release zip file) to /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder.
  3. Run the data build for all the cell (PM, HIVE, ONT and CRC) . In the Hive there is a new table called HIVE_CELL_PARAM which contains all the previous XML and properties file.
  4. Modify the *-ds.xml in the deployment folder to point to the database

NOTE: If you are an existing user and have previously changed the properties files, you will need to modify the corresponding parameters in HIVE_CELL_PARAMusing a pre-built war file instead of having to build it from source, or the war file can be built from source much more easily. More information is in the updated Installation Guide. The properties files are now stored in the database.



1) Set Project Params (PM_PROJECT_PARAM)

REDCP_TOKEN REDCAP_TOKEN_PID_{pid}(7B42348B7C51123432048B51EAA)


  • Get the pid value from the Redcap project url. Set the pid parameter name to this value
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  • Get the API Key from Redcap.  Logon to Redcap, and on the right side under applications click API. 
  •  Then, select Generate token, and use this token for the value for the
  • parameter.

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This is the name of the Data Collection Instruments to associate this project with, in this example it is set to the 'Profile'

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Set the Value parameter to the pid value from the Redcap project url. 

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Optional, Defaults to Y
Y - Every time a form is submitted the i2b2 metadata ontology get gets regenerated

N - Do Not regenerate the metadata ontology.   

NOTE:  When first setting up the i2b2/redcap this needs to be set to Y at least one once or the ontology will not be created.


Optional, Defaults to \REDCAP\
What This is the key for the root of the REDCap ontology is.


Optional, Defaults to tree
How This is how the ontology will be created

tree - All enumerated values, Yes/No will be children on the ontology

The only exception is items with checkbox, which will always be a popup

If this redcap form has the identified value set to true, than then this ontology will be protected and only users with the following i2b2 access role will be able to access it.


Click Test to verify connection

3) Give Editor role to the project for AGG_SERVICE_ACCOUNT( optional DATA_PROT, DEID, LDS)

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4) Submit a form and check to see if the ontology was created.



                                          Note: If you get the error as: ERROR at line 1: ORA-01031: insufficient privilege, then run the command:
                                          grant create table to (DB USER)

                                          SQL server:              
                                          exec RUNTOTALNUM

                                          select RUNTOTALNUM('observation_fact','public')
                                      -- (replace 'public' by the schema name for the fact table)
                                      -- I
f using a schema other than public for metadata, you might need to run "set search_path to 'i2b2metadata','public' " first as well


  • Small changes to the i2b2 Database. 
    • Property files were moved into the database in the new Hive table HIVE_CELL_PARAMS.
    • Query type classname property moved from the properties file to the CRC table QT_QUERY_RESULT_TYPE in a new CLASSNAME field
  • Totalnum counts to Ontology Terms in the demo data that is delivered with the software along with the  Stored procedures used for creating the counts.
  • ACT Ontology