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DataACT OntologyBeta 1 - In the Release_1-7/NewInstall/Metadata/ file change the db.project from demo to act. Than ran the ant script against

create_metadata_tables_release_1-7 and db_metadata_load_data

CoreEasier Install

Beta 1 -

  1. If using the prebuilt WAR file: Copy the .war file into a wildfly 14 or 16 instance in the /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder.
  2. If making WAR file: Run in the edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common folder

    ant clean dust dist war

    Copy the i2b2.war from the dist folder to /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder.
  3. Run the data build for all the cell (PM, HIVE, ONT and CRC) . In the Hive there is a new table called HIVE_CELL_PARAM which contains all the previous XML and properties file.
  4. Modify the *-ds.xml in the deployment folder to point to the database

CoreMore authentication protocol support (okta, NTLM v2)

Beta 1 - Support for NTLM2 is supported. Instead of using authentication_method - NTML use NTML2

Beta 2 - Support for OKTA

DataTotalnum scriptsBeta 1 - In the Release_1-7/NewInstall/Metadata/ ran the ant script

ant -f data_build.xml create_metadata_tables_release_1-7 - This will create the stored procedures

  • POSTGRESQL : ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_run_total_count_postgresql
  • ORACLE : ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_run_total_count_oracle
  • SQL SERVER : ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_run_total_count_sqlserver

Webclient & CoreEnhanced Find TermsBeta 2 - Find terms gives a sense of the hierarchy, and terms that are children of other search results are not returned.

WebclientImproved Maximized Left PaneBeta 1 - In maximized mode, the left pane now makes all tabs accessible.

WebclientLarger Query Result Panel

CoreBugfixes and refactoring