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  1. Navigate to the "Specify Object" tab. Drag the desired item (object), from the Workplace panel, and drop it into the drop-in box.
  2. Click the "Annotate" tab, and wait for the existing annotation to be fetched and displayed:## Any existing annotation text paragraphs will be displayed in corresponding, dintinct, beige text area, along with 2 extra blank, white text areas for any new paragraphs to be added.## Existing keywords (tags) will be displayed in the next-to-last text area (beige if there is existing entry, white if blank).## Existing authors will be displayed in the last text area (beige if there is existing entry, white if blank).## In addition to the length for each text area, the overall length of the annotaation is also displayed at the top and bottom.## Make any updates to any appropriate text area, and its corresponding length count, along with the overall annotation length counts, will be immediately updated for instant feedback.
    1. Any updated text area will turn light pink to indicate changes.
    2. A dialog will be displayed when the annotation length limit is reached, and no more new characters can be added. The text area where the offense occurred will be changed to bright red for additional feedback.
    3. Once appropriate characters are deleted to bring the annotation within limit, normal character addition may proceed, so long as it is under the length limit.
  3. Finally, click the "Review Result" tab to view the resulting saved annotation.


This plugin is free to the rest of the i2b2 community. It can be downloaded from the University of Massachusetts Medical School website for i2b2 related downloads. , as well as the Google Code project download page set up for it.  

Terms of Use

This plugin is published under the GNU GPL v3 license