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Presenter: Philip Ng, from University of Rochester

Date: October 13, 2016



The inaugural i2b2 Educational Session was held on October 13, 2016 where Phillip Ng from the University of Rochester presented an overview of their work using Epic, i2b2, Excel, and REDCap. They have developed a number of plugins, that streamline the workflow of their researchers. Using existing work building i2b2 and integrating with REDCap and Excel, we are able to leverage MyChart questionnaires and SmartData Notes, and automated methods to classify and display data-dictionary information to drive end-user, staff directed access to create structured data-sets through a drag-and-drop interface to quickly service research requests, reducing overall staff effort.




There is a background noise that muffles what Philip is saying. You may need to turn the volume up on your computer to hear everything.


Please know we are actively working on finding an alternative method for recording our future Education Sessions. Thank you for your understanding.













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