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  1. Query timing - ANYtime and SAME visit queries

    and observation_facts in the fact table through the encounter_num column. When a query is requested to run and be constrained by the "In Same Patient Visit" option, the data … Results: there are 3 patients who have had a diagnosis of both an acute MI and type II diabetes entered as a fact in the observation_fact table, where acute
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  2. SCILHSi2b2CDMDocumentation_v152.pdf

    , which are to be imported into the fact table. Contains documentation and hints for  creating local mappings.     SCILHS_Encounter_ETL_Guidance_v11.xslx …  not anticipate you needing to modify your fact tables (except to ETL data that is not  presently loaded ­ e.g., vitals). Please edit the ontology tables to reflect your
  3. RWynden UCSF Ontology Mapper Uniting i2b2 and caGrid.ppt

    is based on Concept Table design which is a derivative of fact table design. In concept table design each ‘name’ in the fact table is a hierarchical string … Concept Table Design So how does it work? STEP 2 As data is imported it is then translated into one or more standard formats with the Ontology Mapper Cell
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  4. OntoMapper Minutes 4 29 08.doc

    encodings seem to be best represented as new rows within the main fact table. I2b2 may already have a mechanism of associating a data encoding with other … ) Questions raised: A) Are the 'like clauses' okay? What impact would a table scan have on an ontology which is significantly larger than ICD-9? B) Do
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  5. HealthyNormalsPaperDraft.docx

    extreme in number of diagnosis facts. Table 1 lists the number of patients who passed or were eliminated by each of the 10 filters when applied independently … included 2,019,774 patients at Partners HealthCare System (Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital) with facts between January 1, 2001
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  6. ETL Process

    the process ends successfully the newly loaded data can be found in the observation fact table. Genotype data in the observation_fact table CONCEPT_CD … parse out variant annotations from the raw data in VCF files, transform, and store in the observation_blob field of the observation_fact table in i2b2 data-mart
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  7. AUG2016_Cimino.pdf

    INSTITUTE  There is no _MAPPING table equivalent for OBSERVATION_FACT  Partitioned observation_fact - each type of fact (diagnosis, lab, med, etc.) has its … for each type of fact - there is a MEDICATIONS_MAPPING table, a LABS_MAPPING table, etc.  These tables store the relationship between the JOIN_SEQ_NUM
  8. genomics-AUG-June-v2.pptx

    (SQL Server) code to allow for the rapid loading of 2-5 million rows / patient into observation-fact table. Sequence Ontology (available at NCBO … Observation fact Pipeline - VCF to VCF-ANNO 1 1105366 . T C . PASS AA=T;AC=4;AN=114;DP=3251 GT:DP 1/0:54 exonic TTLL10 1 1105366 1105366 T C 1 1105366 . T C . PASS
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  9. ONTQRY.xsd

    with the term (optional). <facttablecolumn> The observation fact table column associated with the term. <tablename> The dimension table associated … > Also known as the hierarchy level. It represents the level of the item in the ontology tree where the root level is level 0. <key> A " table code
  10. 713. ETL Optimization

    row data loading.  This rule does not apply if a table is being maintained incrementally in the sense of "delta updates". In this case indexes may in fact … Truncating and fully reloading fact table data is standard practice in data warehousing. However, for large tables this approach may not be feasible e.g. due