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  1. OntoMapper Minutes 7 15 08.doc

    is missing from i2b2 which is needed to make these Use Cases possible on this specific platform) Prakash reviewed recent changes to the Mapped Data Fact table design – which is no longer a simple replica of the Observation Fact table. Archetypes and Aggregates are now working within the i2b2 schema. Prakash will review the UI
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  2. Translational Bioinformatics Warehouse Database Design v3.doc

    queries rather than high volume transaction processing. The dimensional model is composed of a fact table joined to several dimensions. A fact table is the primary table of the dimensional model. Each fact table contains measurable facts. “A row in a fact table corresponds to a measurement. A measurement is a row
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  3. Data Storage

    The i2b2 data is stored in a relational database, usually either Oracle or SQL Server and always in a star schema format. A star schema contains one fact and many dimension tables. The fact table contains the quantitative or factual data, while the dimension tables contain descriptors that further characterize
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  4. Release 1.7.09

    is Release 1.7.09. In this release, the ability to query multiple fact tables was introduced and is required when implementing i2b2 on OMOP. This page contains … on OMOP project includes the following features: Ability to query multiple fact tables as specified by the CDM. This is a departure from the standard i2b2 star
    OMOPJun 29, 2017
  5. 1.7.13 Release Notes

      such as ACT medications. Debug messages have also been added for troubleshooting and profiling purposes. Support for multiple fact tables has been added … ontology tables in the metadata schema (including table_access).  If using multiple fact tables, the recommended approach is to create a fact table view
    Release ManagementJul 14, 2022
  6. Definition of Terms-

    and may contain values associated with a concept, such as a value of the systolic blood pressure. Observation Fact The observation fact table represents the "fact" table of the RPDR Star Schema. The fact table can contain values associated with the concept, such as a value of the systolic blood pressure
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  7. OMOP Home

    -on-FHIR tool that relies on the i2b2 API, over OHDSI ontologies, can run with an OMOP data source. The standard i2b2 data model is comprised of a central fact table … CDM), rather than a central fact table, we have a collection of them distinguished by domain:  procedures, condition, drug, measurement, observation, etc
    OMOPJun 23, 2017
  8. 2017-AMIA_i2b2-Update.pps

    they are querying the multiple fact tables of OMOP. Initial release candidate is now available! * Step 2:Direct OMOP metadata to view Step 4: Build OMOP CDM and run queries … HealthCare, Somerville MA, 2Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA The legacy i2b2 data model is comprised of a central fact table (observation_fact
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  9. AMIA 2020 Workshop Summary.pdf

    Tables FACT TABLES Patient (dimension) Visit (dimension) Adapts to OMOP Connect to OMOP by building ontology of OMOP standard concepts Use Ontology Tables to direct Queries to proper Fact Table view OMOP Linked into i2b2 software Personalized Medicine and Genomic
  10. Use Case - Get PDO from PatientSet

    Validate the user via the Project Management Cell Select the data mart based on the domain_id, project_id and user_id. Call Ontology Cell with the item key and determine the dimension table to join with the fact table. Using the given patient set or observation set, apply the panel filters and return PDO.