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  1. Multi-fact Table Home

    - Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Home 24 May 2017 0000001495646015370 jmd86 Multi-fact Table Home MFT MFT.Multi-fact Table Home Multi-fact Table Multi-fact Table 08 Mar 2022 0000001646769118052 339480 rm302 page topicspace /display/MFT/Multi-fact+Table+Home
    Multi-fact TableMar 08, 2022
  2. Multi-fact Table

    The multi-fact table project is a new feature introduced in 1.7.09 that enables the i2b2 to query more than one fact table. This new feature empowers … in a single table.
    Multi-fact TableMar 05, 2018
  3. 3.11 Multiple Fact Tables

    Multi-fact Table Home
  4. Update Ontology Tables

    How classic i2b2 works The standard i2b2 star schema only allows for one fact table. In the i2b2 database this is the observation_fact table.  When running a query in the i2b2, the CRC queries against the observation_fact table by default.   Update Metadata The CRC needs to know the name of the fact table
    Multi-fact TableMar 01, 2018
  5. Setup Guide

    Multi-fact Table Setup Guide This Setup Guide is designed to assist users with updating an existing i2b2 environment to be able to query multiple fact tables. Requirements  The following items are required for multi-fact tables to work correctly.  You have a working version of i2b2 that is running release
    Multi-fact TableMar 08, 2022
  6. i2b2 Data Mart & Ontology

        This page is a brief overview of the i2b2 Data Mart and Ontology in relation to the Multi-fact table project. It only touches the surfaces of the i2b2 … in a star schema format. A star schema contains one fact and many dimension tables. This statement although true is no longer completely accurate for the i2b2
    Multi-fact TableMar 01, 2018
  7. "Totalnum" Patient Counting Scripts

    , not (exclusively) the concept_dimension or Adapter Mappings files. Multiple fact tables cannot coexist in the same hierarchy. (i.e. any single ontology can reference a fact table other than observation_fact, but it cannot reference multiple fact tables) Running the scripts See database-specific instructions below. After
  8. Update CRC Properties File

    CRC Properties Configuration In order for the CRC to know there are multiple fact tables the queryprocessor.multifacttable property in the file … : queryprocessor.multifacttable Value Behavior false The CRC will continue to work as it does in the classic i2b2. Only one fact table (observation_fact) will be queried
    OMOPApr 04, 2017

    The OBSERVATION_FACT table is the fact table of the i2b2 star schema and represents the intersection of the dimension tables. Each row describes one observation about a patient made during a visit. Most queries in the i2b2 database require joining together the OBSERVATION_FACT table with one or more dimension tables
    Server (Cells) DesignJul 15, 2020
  10. 5. Advanced Topics

    : 5.2 Multiple Fact Tables Starting with release 1.7.09, the i2b2 software supports multiple fact tables. This enables, for example, diagnoses to be stored in one fact table, laboratory tests in a second fact table
    BundlesFeb 03, 2021