Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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The following installations must be completed prior to beginning the process of installing the i2b2 Workbench.

  Requirements Chapter

  Installed a Database Management System (Oracle, PostgreSQL or SQL Server)
  Installed Java, JBoss, Apache Ant and Apache Axis2
  Downloaded the i2b2 Software

  Data Installation Chapter

  Created database user accounts for i2b2 schemas
  Created all the data tables (Crcdata, Hivedata, Imdata, Metadata, Pmdata and Workdata)
  Created the stored procedures for the Crcdata tables and the triggers for the Pmdata tables
  Loaded data into all the tables (Crcdata, Hivedata, Imdata, Metadata, Pmdata and Workdata)

  i2b2 Server-common Install Chapter

  Extracted all the i2b2 source code to a directory a directory of your choice (YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR)
  Configured Server-common properties
  Deployed edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common

  Project Management (PM) Cell Install Chapter

  Configured PM cell properties

  i2b2 Administration Module Install Chapter

  Copied Admin files to your web server directory
  Updated i2b2_config_data.js file with domain information and the location of the PM Cell.
  Verified admin installation

The following installations are not required to occur before installing the i2b2 Workbench but are recommended.

  i2b2 Web Client Install Chapter

  i2b2 Web Client installed
  Able to log into the i2b Web Client