[WEBCLIENT-138] Timeline bugs Created: 29/Sep/15  Updated: 25/Jan/16  Resolved: 30/Dec/15

Status: Closed
Project: i2b2 Web Client
Component/s: Web Client
Affects Version/s: 1.7.06
Fix Version/s: 1.7.07

Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Thomas Graf Assignee: Janice Donahoe
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: None
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Attachments: JPEG File TimeLineConcepts.jpg     JPEG File TimePointDetail.jpg     JPEG File TimePointDetail2.jpg     JPEG File TimePointMultipleValues.jpg    
Affects View/s:
Timeline View
i2b2 Sponsored Project/s:
i2b2 Web Client
Affects Database/s:
All databases
Affects Web Browser/s:
All Web Browsers
Reproduction Notes: I was able to reproduce this in the i2b2 Demo site which is currently 1.7.06. The following steps were taken to reproduce the issue.

1. Log into the i2b2 demo site.
2. Add the following concepts to the query tool.

Group / Panel 1 = Male
Group / Panel 2 = Black, Hispanic, White
Group / Panel 3 = Hypertensive disease
Group / Panel 4 = Ischemic heart disease

3. Run the query making sure Timeline is selected.

4. Once the timeline renders notice only the first three concepts appear in the timeline (Black, Hispanic, and Hypertensive disease). The other concepts do not appear as a "line item".

5. Notice the first DEMO patient (1000000026) has the concept "Black" and when you scroll over and hover over the first tic mark on that line it is for a hypertensive disease.

- if you go to the next line which is supposed to be Hispanic, the items on this line are for Ischemic heart disease.

- if you to the last line, which is supposed to be Hypertensive disease, the item on this line is for "Male".

There are a few things I have noticed happening:

1. The timeline will display only a few of the items and which ones appear are determined by the order they appear on the Specify data tab (which is alphabetically).

2. If the first item is not returned in the XML message all the tic marks are thrown off on the timeline. They will move up a row on the timeline but the label that appears is still displaying the item that is missing data.

3. In the demo data there is an issue with race's not being returned in the xml. This may be a setup issue in that we do not have races in the observation_fact table. They may only exist in the patient_dimension table. This will be further evaluated and if an issue is found then a new JIRA issue will be entered to track it.

NOTE: I tested this in the workbench and the problem does not occur; it is only a problem in the Web Client.

Testing Notes: TEST STATUS: Completed


Test Date: 12/30/2015
Build Number:1.7.07
Test Status: Completed (Passed Testing)
Clients Tested :
     i2b2 Web Client
     Environments Tested :
     Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari
     Databases: Not applicable for this test
     Client OS: Windows, Mac
Test Comments:
Working as expected
ISSUES FOUND: query run as query-in-query containing unsupported concepts does not draw the timeline. will be logged as separate issue

Database: MS SQL Server
i2b2 Web Client v1.7.06

I am not sure whether this problem is actually with the web client or possible the underling SQL queries

I run a query which has 6 groups. I request the following query results: Patient Set, Number of Patients and Timeline.

There are multiple problems found in the Timeline detail information
1) detail for a time point doesn't match the time line row title.
2) detail for a time point contains multiple values rather then the values for that specific time point.

I have attached screen shots of the above problems.
TimeLineConcepts.jpg - shows the concepts generated by the query.

TimePointDetail.jpg. - Shows the detail for time point 1/17/1995. The time point is in row named "Insulin" the observation details shows a concept_ID of VISIT|LOC:300

TimePointDetail2.jpg - Shows the detail for time pint 1/17/1995. The time point is in row named "10-17 years old", the observation details shows concept_id of ICD9:250.00

TimePointMultipleValues.jpg - Shows the detail for time point 5/17/2007. The observation details shows the values for 5 time points which appear to be all strung together. The start/end date does not appear to be correct for the time point. The start_date is later than the end_date.

Please let me know if you require additional information.

Tom Graf

Comment by Nich [ 02/Dec/15 ]
The issue seems to be that the timeline is having trouble with PATIENT_DIMENSION concepts. That is, out of the concepts that Thomas selected, the following ones (I am assuming) are going against the patient dimension table:

0-9 years old
10-17 years old

The four concepts above should really not display in the timeline at all, but the names are manifesting themselves OVER the remaining four valid concepts:

Hemoglobic A1c

Therefore, the labels are wrong and should really have the concept names of Diabetes, Hemoglobin, etc...

This can be reproduced by just running looking at a timeline for one patient dimension concept such as "10-17 years old" and see that the timeline has no results. Then add a random Diagnosis, and see that the timeline is populated but with the wrong label of "10-17 years old"
Comment by Janice Donahoe [ 25/Jan/16 ]
On 01/22/2016, the 1.7.07 Release was made available at the following locations.

 - zip files for release 1.7.07 are available on this site. This includes both the code and documentation.

 - source code has been tagged with v1.7.07.
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